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ToughGrip Strength Trainers
  • ToughGrip Strength Trainers

    SKU: 850017961050

    The perfect compliment to your BuddyBoard hangboard! These ToughGrip trainers are made in the U.S. from 100% Poplar wood for a soft feel against your hands and come with all required hardware to connect to your BuddyBoard, or to a weight plate, rope, or outdoor climbing anchor for pre-climb warmups. Take your grip strength to a whole new level with these trainers!


    Included is one pair of ToughGrip trainers, each measuring 2" diameter, 6.5" long (wood only) or 8" long (overall including the screw eye).


    These trainers come fine-sanded, but if you find them too difficult as you begin your training, you can easily rough-sand them for increased grip.


    ToughGrips are made in the USA with globally sourced hardware. 

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