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About Danger Buddies

Who We Are

Started in 2019 by three adventure partners (AKA the "Danger Buddies") struggling to find the perfect photography bag for on-wall use, we've since expanded into climbing training tools and accessories & expanded our photography offering for climbers, hikers & other adventure sports enthusiasts. We want to be Your Partner in Adventure™ - regardless of how you adventure!

Finally, despite our name being Danger Buddies, we don't condone dangerous behavior. Although adventure sports have an inherit element of risk to them, our business is about risk mitigation and helping you be more prepared for these activities. Everyone at Danger Buddies also climbs, bikes, hikes, skis & participates in various outdoor activities. If you ever have a question on how to use our products properly in any of these applications, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help! Climb on!

What We Stand For

We're proud to be a Wisconsin business that supports local rock climbing & have partnered with the Wisconsin Climbers Association and donate 1% of revenue for all items sold on our website. Support us by purchasing directly from our website, and we'll support this great organization that promotes climbing advocacy, stewardship & community in Wisconsin!

Protecting the environment is also a top priority at Danger Buddies. That's why we use sustainably sourced materials whenever possible, such as PEFC certified Alder for our BuddyBoard products & bamboo for our Eco-Strong training boards. We're also encouraging active involvement in protecting & restoring the planet by adopting a section of Wisconsin's Menomonee River through the Milwaukee Riverkeeper organization. If you'd like to participate in a Danger Buddies river cleanup event or otherwise contribute to this great organization that protects, improves & advocates for water quality, riparian wildlife habitat & sound land management, please contact us for more details! Our next cleanup event is scheduled for 9 AM - 3 PM on May 23, 2024. Sign up here!

Danger Buddies partnered with Wisconsin Climbers Association
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