ABOUT Danger Buddies

Started in 2019 by three adventure partners (AKA the Danger Buddies) during a climbing trip, we set out on a mission to end rock climbing "butt shots" and to develop on-wall camera gear that improves the quality of your photography. We've since expanded our mission to include gear for hiking, climbing, skiing, rock climbing, and more. We want to be Your Partner in Adventure™ - regardless of how you adventure!

Our philosophy is simple - we develop high-quality gear designed with you in mind, and we involve our customers in our design, prototyping, and field testing to make sure we meet their needs. We commit to producing our gear with only strategic, sustainable manufacturing partners that commit to paying their employees fair living wages and meeting our environmental guidelines.

Our first product launched in April 2020, and more great gear is on the way!


Dave enjoys triathlons as well as climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. A long-time photographer, he's usually doing all of the above with a camera in tow. 


Dave's Favorite Adventure: 

Getting stuck in a monsoon on Humphrey's Peak. "We were totally unprepared. It rolled in out of nowhere and hailed so hard we had welts and bruises, but some pretty fun memories!"


Julie is a triathlete, cyclist, and hiker, and is learning to ski! 

Julie's Favorite Adventure:

Hiking Half Dome in Yosemite. "This hike pushed me to face two of my greatest fears head on: heights and bears! I survived both and had a blast doing it!"


Libby is an avid climber, skier, and photographer, and a mountain-biker-in-training.


Libby's Favorite Adventure: 

Kayaking in the Apostle Islands. "The water our first day in Lake Superior was the calmest it had been in 40 years, but the next day was a wake-up call as I battled 4-footers with a broken rudder!"   

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