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BuddyBoard+ (Plus) Hangboard
  • BuddyBoard+ (Plus) Hangboard

    SKU: 850017961081

    The BuddyBoard+ is a more advanced version of our popular BuddyBoard. This board features:

    - Three sets of Ergo-Curve slopers that are machined to a curve to better conform to the natural shape of your hand and offer better ergonomics than a flat-machined sloper. Effective angles are 20°, 30° and 40°.  

    - Asymmetric lower rail with 7, 10 and 13mm pockets. These pockets are evenly spaced to reduce shoulder pinching. 

    - Tapered center rail with holds that vary from 13mm on the outside to 18mm on the inside. Depth indicators show 1mm depth changes.

    - Oversized center hold for one-armed moves or warmup excercises. 

    - Deep 3-finger pockets on the edges for warmups.

    - Machined depth indicators that show you at a glance the depth of the pocket you are using. 

    - Integrated cell phone holder to keep your phone off the ground and in your line of sight, for better access to your hangboarding app, timer or tunes. 


    This hangboard was designed by climbers and professional climbing coaches, right here in the USA, and is manufactured right here in the USA from sustainably harvested PEFC-certified Alder hardwood from the USA. Even the hardware and recyclable packaging is manufactured in the USA! Every board is hand-sanded to perfect smoothness and includes all mounting hardware (screws are sized for installation on 16" spaced studs). Check out our manuals page for a training guide, installation schematics and dimensioned drawings. 


    NOTE: This is a hangboard designed for intermediate to advanced users. For a hangboard better suited to beginner to intermediate climbers, check out our standard BuddyBoard. This model is also USA-made!


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