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Eco-Strong Bamboo Training Boards
  • Eco-Strong Bamboo Training Boards

    SKU: 850017961067

    Meet Eco-Strong, our sustainably-sourced bamboo training boards made from 100% solid bamboo, CNC-machined and hand-sanded to 220-grit perfection. String-mounted, these hangboards go anywhere - ideal for home excercise, office workouts & crag warm-ups. 


    Bamboo is extremely strong, with tensile strength approaching that of steel. But at half the weight of traditional resin boards, you won't even notice them in your pack. At just 0.5 lbs. each, you'll take your new bamboo hangboards everywhere with you! Mount to eyescrews, sling over trees, clip to a bolt or simply sling the rope across your foot for a pre-climb stretch. The wide variety of usage options makes these the most flexible hangboards around for strength building, injury rehabilitation & warmups.


    Just like traditional wooden hangboards, our bamboo hangboards are strong, sweat-absorbent & much softer on your skin than resin or plastic hangboards. But unlike wood, bamboo is actually a rapid-growth grass that removes more carbon from the environment and is harvested without damaging the root of the plant, meaning it can regrow even after harvest. 


    Sold as a pair, these bamboo hangboards feature 4-finger, 3-finger & 2-finger pockets, all at a depth of 1.2 in (30 mm).


    Fun fact: Although great for hangboards, bamboo actually contains very little nutritional value. This is why pandas eat so much of it - they spend up to 14 hours per day eating! So don't let them near your new hangboards! As a friendly reminder, we include a "Do not Use Near Pandas" sticker with each pair of training boards. All 3 of our panda stickers are also available for purchase!


    Like all Danger Buddies products, a portion of every sale made through our website benefits the Wisconsin Climbers Association (WCA), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting access, inclusion & land stewardship in Wisconsin and beyond. WCA is Wisconsin's Access Fund partner organization.


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