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BuddyBoard™ Hangboard
  • BuddyBoard™ Hangboard

    SKU: 850017961005

    Collaborating with the experienced coaching staff from Adventure Rock, Wisconsin’s premier climbing gym, Danger Buddies designed the BuddyBoard™ – a quality hangboard made of sustainably sourced US alder hardwood with a variety of pockets and edges to increase finger, arm, and shoulder strength. It was designed with body alignment in mind to facilitate better form and reduce stress on the shoulders, elbows and wrists. And with 2-, 3-, and 4-finger pockets, jugs, and a massive sloper, the BuddyBoard™ provides a challenging workout for users of all levels – from those looking into their first fingerboard training to highly experienced climbers.


    The recessed bolt hangers add an extra boost to your workout by allowing you to practice anchor building and quickdraw clipping, or to add resistance bands or counterweights to offload some of your weight and make the more challenging holds more accessible. They hangers are also a great spot to add additional holds, such as our ToughGrips or Eco-Strong bamboo training tools.


    We know you’ll be stoked about our phone holder feature too. Located at the top and center of the board, the phone holder lets you easily view and access your phone during workouts.


    NOTE: This is a hangboard designed for beginner to intermediate users. For a hangboard better suited to intermediate to advanced climbers, check out our BuddyBoard+. This model is also USA-made!

    • BuddyBoard™ Features:

      • 24”L x 2.25”W x 6”H – fits well above doorways with average height ceilings
      • Alder hardwood construction – highly durable with better aesthetics than polyester resin boards
      • Diverse hold selection:
        • (3) center rails – 15mm, 25mm & 35mm
        • (2) 2-finger pockets – 40mm
        • (2) 3-finger pockets – 30mm
        • (4) 4-finger pockets – 20mm & 30mm
        • (2) jugs
        • (1) sloper – 20°
      • Recessed bolt hangers add versatility to your workouts
      • Integrated phone holder
      • Pre-drilled mounting system with included hardware for easy installation & dependable stability
      • Made in USA

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