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Operator's Manuals & Instructions

Strength Training Gear

Hangboard Training Manual

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BuddyBoard Mounting Schematic

BuddyBoard Installation Instructions


Hangboard Training Manual 

                  Written by the trainers &
                  coaches of Adventure Rock,
                  Wisconsin's premier climbing
                  gym, this training manual
                  pairs with your BuddyBoard
  to give you a structured workout program meant to take your climbing to the next level!

For more content, visit Adventure Rock on Instagram or YouTube:   @adventurerock

BuddyBoard+ Mounting Schematic

BuddyBoard+ Installation Manual

ToughGrip Instruction Manual

Photography Gear

CameraBuddy Instruction Manual

S-Curve Camera Strap Instruction Manual

Carbon Fiber Monopod Instructions

Technical Gear

Ascenders Instruction Manual (ASC-L/ASC-R)

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