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S-Curve Camera Strap
  • S-Curve Camera Strap

    SKU: 850017961074

    This S-Curve camera strap is a more ergonomic way to carry your camera and accessories. The subtle S-shape conforms to your neck more gracefully than non-curved straps, offering enhanced comfort for all-day shoots. If you've never used a cross-body sling like this before, you'll find the comfort is amazing compared to your stock strap. The camera hangs upside-down at your hip, in a more natural position ready to be grabbed by your shooting hand and slid up the strap to use, without disturbing the position of the strap on your shoulder.


    This nylon strap is extremely durable for all-day shooting sessions and epic hikes. Whether you climb, hike, shoot weddings, or just capture your favorite urbanscape, do it more comfortably and efficiently with the S-Curve Strap!


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