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Liquid Chalk - 50mL
  • Liquid Chalk - 50mL

    SKU: 850017961135

    Danger Buddies Liquid Chalk is formulated for maximum friction, minimal mess & rapid drying. If you've never used liquid chalk before, you'll be amazed by how well it works. It coats your hands in a nice, even layer, dries in seconds & lasts a complete climb without the need to reapply mid-route. Best of all, there's no messy dust to breathe in! Use it as a total replacement for your powdered chalk or, if you're a heavy chalker, use it as a base layer, then reapply your standard powder chalk as you climb. 


    There's no secret in this stuff - just good old Magnesium Carbonate, 70% Alcohol & a little Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (a plant-based thickening agent, FDA-approved as a food additive and a key ingredient in eyedrops).


    This 50mL bottle includes a small carabiner clip to attach to your harness or pack and is ideal for climbers, weight lifters, gynmasts, aerial yogis & more! It lasts for about 60 average-sized applications. For a cost-effective way to refill this 50mL bottle, check out our 250mL bottle, available here.


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