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This station provides 11.5kW of Level 2 charging via a J1772 connector. It can charge any car from empty to full in 4-8 hours depending on the size of your battery. For every hour you are plugged in, you will gain about 42 miles of driving. For most small rental cars (Kia, Chevy Bolt, etc.), it will take about 4 hours to fully charge to 100%. Teslas can charge here but require the Tesla J1772 adapter that comes with the vehicle.

Free EV charging is available for our renters. Only renters in the following Airbnb properties have free charging, as we own the charging station. It is also available for paid public use by credit card or Apple Pay. To get free charging, book one of these great properties:

Red Rock Escape:

Sedona Retreat:

Simply Sedona:

General Charger Rules: 

- Unplug and move your car when you are done charging. 

- Do not block the EV charger spot. You will be towed for excessive parking while not charging. 

- We do not charge for idle time, but if it becomes a problem with people parking long after charging is complete, we will start to do so. 

- If the charger is showing IDLE in the AmpUp app, it is OK for others to unplug you so they may charge their EV. If you do not agree to this, do not use this charger. Under no circumstances should anyone unplug an active charge in process. Those found doing so will be blocked from further use of the charger. 

- Cars plugged in after 8pm may remain parked until 8am the next morning regardless of when their charge session ends. Please move your vehicle before 8am if your charge is complete. 

For our Renters

Those staying in our vacation rentals are offered complimentary EV charging. No login to the payment portal is required. We provide each property with an RFID card for charging. Just plug in your car and hold up the AmpUp card to the charging station to begin charging. No app, phone, credit card, or anything else is required. However, if you do download the AmpUp app, you will be able to see charger availability to see when the charger is in use vs. available. 

If you experience any problems with charging your vehicle, reach out to your host via Airbnb or Vrbo for help. 

Charging for everyone, rental guests included, is first-come, first-served. Please do not unplug anyone's active charge while in process or we will disable the RFID card for the duration of your stay with no refunds given. This keeps things fair for everyone! 

The AmpUp card is located on the front door and looks like this:

The charger can be started by holding the card in this approximate position on the charger until it beeps. Plug in ahead, or in any case, you have about 30 seconds to plug in after scanning the card before the charger times out. 

Included in your stay is charging for one car. Please do not share the AmpUp card with anyone else or we will deactivate it if we see excesive charging, as we pay for this electricity on your behalf. 

We recommend to NEVER leave the AmpUp card in your car. First, the AZ sun can damage it, and second, if you take it home accidentally a $50 fee applies for replacement. 


Public Charging

This charger is available for paid public use. 

Scan the bottom QR code on the charger to download the AmpUp app, or use the AmpUp web payment portal. 

Google Play: AmpUp - EV Charging - Apps on Google Play

Apple Store: AmpUp - EV Charging on the App Store (

Scan the QR on the charger again from within the app to load this specific charger. 

Create an account and link a payment method. Do not choose "request a code." Code request is how you request FREE access, but as we do not grant free access, the request will be ignored. You must pay for use of this charger unless you are a guest of our Airbnb (and then only the RFID cards may be used). Only 3 units in this community grant RFID-based free access are ours, and are identified in the links above. 

Follow the instructions in the app after your payment card is loaded, then plug in when directed. The app will guide you through the charging process. You can also see charger availability from within the app, so if you need to charge again later, you can check it for availability first.

We do not charge for idle time, but please do not overstay after charging. 20 or 30 minutes is OK, for example if your charge finishes while you are at lunch/dinner. But then please move your car. If you are in by 8pm, you can stay until 8am. 

If the app shows someone is plugged in and idle, you may attempt to unplug them (some plugs lock). Only do this if the charge is idle. Never interrupt an active charge. In addition to being bad etiquette, it could cause the charger to fault and then no one can charge until we can come reset it. Note, we only dedicate one space to the EV, so it's likely the cord may not reach to another spot anyways, but sometimes it reaches to the spot next door, depending on where your charge port is located. 

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