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Welcome to Sedona!

Welcome to Sedona!

If you've found this page, you've likely booked one of our condos for your next vacation, so thank you! We put this page together as a resource to help our guests get maximum enjoyment out of their trip, whether you're there for a day or a month! We hope you find it useful. -Dave & Julie 

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There is a communal laundry room behind unit 101 next to the mailboxes. There is a key in the condo for the laundry room - there is a steep fee charged by the condo association to replace lost keys, so please do not lose the key! We keep laundry hampers & laundry supplies for guests to use.


The pool is located across the street and is open from March through October. Please no glassware by the pool!


Our kitchen is stocked with all the dishes, pots & pans, and utensils you'll need, as well as a blender, toaster, and drip coffee maker. We also stock basics such as coffee grounds & spices. We have a dishwasher! 



Pink Jeep Tours  - One of our favorite tour companies; we recommend the Scenic Rim tour. Both rugged off-road and paved road options are available.

M Diamond Ranch - Great nearby horseback riding tour company.

Sedona Air Tours - Helicopter tour company.

Red Rock Balloons - Hot air balloon tour company in Sedona.

Grand Canyon Tours - Jeep, helicopter, airplane & water rafting tours of the Grand Canyon.

Vineyards - Page Spring Vineyards is our favorite nearby vineyard with delicious food & wine. It is about 15 minutes away. Nearly next door to this vineyard are two more (Oak Creek Vineyard & Javelina Leap) that are also worth seeing.



Walkable from Condo

Miley's Cafe - Reasonably priced family restaurant

Rotten Johnny's - Reasonably priced wood-fired pizza

Butterfly Burgers - Gourmet burger place

Tortas de Fuego - Delicious Mexican food, with a salsa bar

Rocky RD Ice Cream Co. - Best ice cream in Sedona!

Other Favorites

Hideaway House - Homemade food, reasonably priced, with a large outdoor deck & red rock views. Service can be a little slow.

Mariposa - Latin-inspired food, higher end restaurant. This high-end restaurant is perfect for a special occasion.

Molé - Modern Mexican restaurant, with stunning red rock views.

Pisa Lisa - Wood-fired pizza place with gelato. It's nearby many great hikes & makes for a nice place to stop after a day of hiking. There is one location near Bear Mountain/Doe Mountain/Fay Canyon hikes, and another next door to the condo.

Mesa Grill - Modern & traditional All-American & Southwestern dishes using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Nearby the Airport Scenic Vista overlook.

Up the Creek - Reasonably priced fusion cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere, located right alongside Oak Creek with great wildlife viewing. This is located about 15 minutes from the condo in neighboring Cornville, just down the road from a fish hatchery with nice, shorter hiking trails, as well as nearby several wineries.

Grocery Stores

Clark's - Great store less than a mile from the condo.

Natural Grocers - Located in West Sedona (15-minute drive)

Safway and Basha's - Located in West Sedona (15-minute drive)

Whole Foods - Located in West Sedona (15-minute drive)

Hikes & Biking


Iconic Hikes

Bell Rock - A mile from the condo. You can scramble up it as far as you're comfortable or hike around it or around Courthouse Butte nearby.

Cathedral Rock - Steep but short scrambly hike with a beautiful end. It's very popular, so an early start is recommended. Templeton trail connects to it at the bottom if you want a longer day of hiking.

West Fork Trail - Easy 8-mile round trip, with dense forest, canyon walls, and a creek at the end. You will get wet feet! Parking is not covered by the Red Rock parking pass, so there will be an additional fee.

Devil's Bridge - Intermediate difficulty with unique rock formation that is very popular (there is nearly always a line to take a photo on the bridge).

Easy Hikes

Bell Rock Pathway - A mile from the condo, and takes you past Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte

Fay Canyon - 2.6 mile trip featuring a waterfall

Baby Bell Rock - connects to Bell Rock Pathway for a short hike to a unique rock formation

Intermediate Hikes

Soldier's Pass - Packed with amazing features like a sinkhole, the seven sacred pools, an arch, and caves. It is very popular and has a very small parking lot, so try to get an early start.

Little Horse - 3.5 mile round-trip hike with a gorgeous vista at the mid-point (called Chicken Point).

Turkey Creek - 7 mile round-trip out and back hike with a steep ascent at the end leading to a beautiful overview. The parking lot is just a few miles from the condo off of a dirt road. You'll see one parking lot right away after you turn off of Valley Verde School Road. Continue past this to the next lot (will be on your left). Any mid-sized SUV or larger vehicle won't have a problem, but the road is probably too rocky for smaller, low slung cars. Most of the hike makes for a flat, nice stroll. There is a sinkhole you can check out along the way. At the end of the hike is a steep ascent up a shield volcano called House Mountain. When you reach the end, continue off trail to the left for a few hundred more feet for an even more stunning view.

Airport Loop Trail - 3.5 mile trail with stunning views the whole way. The trail head is close to an easy summit that is heavily trafficked, but the remainder of the trail is much quieter.

Difficult Hikes

Bear Mountain - very steep longer hike that overlooks Sedona from the top

Doe Mountain - located across the street from Bear Mountain, this trail is a bit easier because of a long series of switchbacks

Wilson Mountain - long and difficult hike with a beautiful view from the top

Hikes with Swimming Holes

Slide Rock State Park in Sedona (maybe a 30 minute drive, depending on traffic). It has a ton of beautiful hikes and some swimming areas, as well as a natural water slide that it's well known for. This is one of the few spots not covered by the Red Rock parking pass, so there will be a parking fee.

There is also a creek running through Sedona (Oak Creek), and there are a number of spots where you can access it to wade, swim, sunbathe, etc. Grasshopper Point is probably the most popular for swimming/sunbathing. It's usually shady until mid-day or so, which makes it perfect for a hot day. There's a handful of different spots within walking distance of the parking area, so if one area is busy you can try another. This parking area isn't covered by the Red Rock pass. The fee can be avoided if you park along the side of 89A and hike down on Midgely Bridge Trail though. Another spot is Midgeley Bridge. There are some deeper spots for swimming and large red rock beach-like spots that are perfect for laying out. And Red Rock Crossing is another spot - good for kids because it has a lot of beach spots and shallow swimming areas.

Another option is the Crack, which  starts a few miles south of the condo, and has a 3.5 mile hike to the creek/swimming spots. The longer hike makes it a little less popular/quieter than the other places you can swim in Sedona. It's absolutely beautiful though, and there are places you can cliff jump if you're interested.

Quieter Hikes

Transept Trail - About 2 miles from the condo. It leads around the back of Cathedral Rock and is quite a beautiful hike. Because it's very new, it is still uncrowded. 7 miles round trip (out and back hike).

Starting from the Broken Arrow trailhead are a number of "pig-themed" trails such as Pigtail, High on the Hog, etc. They are very beautiful and interesting hikes, but are more popular with mountain bikers than hikers, so are not crowded.

Easy Mountain Biking

Phone Trail - 5 minutes away from the condo, this is a short, very flat and wide trail with views of Bell Rock/Courthouse Butte.

Bell Rock Pathway - 5 minutes away from the condo, this is a very flat and wide trail with views of Bell Rock/Courthouse Butte.

Intermediate Mountain Biking

Riding right from the condo headed north, you can hop on Bell Rock Pathway, take an easy 1-mile warmup on the main trail or find the singletrack bypass right away, which does a little climbing, then head over to Baby Bell to Llama to Little Horse to Broken Arrow. Watch for trails off Broken Arrow - you have a ton of options to loop back on including blacks & double blacks, or stay on Broken Arrow which is easier (maybe a blue). They're all fun, and there's no wrong choice, but our favorite here is Pigtail/Hogwash.

Also close to the condo is Templeton trail to Slim Shady and Made in the Shade. You could loop these with the ride above for a good day of riding right from the condo.

Up in West Sedona (15-20 minute drive), there is a super fun loop around Chuckwagon trail. A lot of options spur off of it. These aren't super technical, but you can ride all day, probably 20+ miles of trail in here, all quite hilly.

Difficult Mountain Biking

If you want more extreme biking, check out Hiline or Hangover trails. These are both double blacks and with a well-deserved rating.

Kid Friendly

Kid Friendly

Bike rentals - there are several bike rental shops within a few miles of the condo (Absolute Bikes and Bike & Bean are the closest)

Horseback riding tours

Pink Jeep tours

Slide Rock State Park features swimming holes and a natural water slide

Outlaw Grill is a reasonably priced burger restaurant with a fun theme atmosphere that is great for kids

Out of Africa Wildlife Park - Located about 40 minutes away in Camp Verde, you can feed animals, take a safari tour, ride a zipline & meet a sloth



Grand Canyon - 2-hour drive from the condo. Grandview Trail and Hermit Trail are our favorites here.

Sunset Crater - 1.5-hour drive from the condo. There are several easy trails & one difficult trail in addition to getting out to see the crater.

Montezuma Castle - 45-minute drive from the condo. Great spot to see with kids.

Jerome, AZ - 45-minute drive from the condo. Popular ghost town.

Antelope Canyon - 3-hour drive from the condo. Tours of stunning rock formations.

Flagstaff, AZ - 45-minute drive from the condo. Fantastic skiing (Snowbowl) & hiking options (including Humphrey's Peak - the highest peak in Arizona).

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